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International company of Aftab Parlan Aras has been founded originally in 1946 with the initial name of “Momtaz” in TABRIZ, Iran. Production and exportation of high quality and fresh dried fruits and nuts is the main activity domain of APA. In 2021, the company changed its name to “Aftab Parlan Aras” and improved its manufacturing method by using of modern technologies and implementing of professional experts.


Parlan: A new beginning

Different departments of Production, Commercial, Human resource, R&D, VOC and planning are established to guarantee freshness, quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction level. All our staff are selected from the best universities and based on their expertise and job competencies.

Being one of the 3 best manufacturing and trading companies in Middle East in 2031, is our Long-term vision. To reach this, we will cooperate professionally, with our worthy partners in all over the world with the strategy of concentrate on customer needs, product quality, fair price, customer services, analytical thinking and strong organization structure.

Sunshine Makes it better….


Exporting products to the international market


Pistachio, Plums, Apricots, Dates and Raisin farms in the Iran


We supply the best quality of dried fruits and nuts


The modern production and packing line

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Parlan Specialists

dr. mina Eslami

Digital Marketing Specialist

Mr. reza rasouli

Marketing Manager

dr. ramin alipour

Trade Manager